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   The Blencathra Supreme Sporting Dog Challenge

  Skelton Show Results         

Lorton Show

Festival of Hunting Peterborough

Great Yorkshire Show 2016

                 Lowther show

         Rydal Show

      Threlkeld Show


The Blencathra

Supreme Sporting Dog Challenge

[22nd May: Click on Picture for Gallery]

The Blencathra Supreme Sporting Dog Challenge committee would like to express sincere thanks to everybody who has supported, volunteered and helped in any way possible to make the show a huge success. We hope you all had an enjoyable day



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                                             SKELTON SHOW



Entered dog — 1 Blencathra Sergeant, B. Todhunter; 2 Cumberland Foxhounds Warlock, J. Stobart; 3 Blencathra Saddler, B. Todhunter.


Entered Bitch1 Blencathra Memory, N. Richardson; 2 Cumberland Foxhounds Satin, J. Stobart; 3 Cumberland Farmers Primrose, L. Peters.


Unentered dog — 1 Eskdale and Ennerdale Select, J. Hinde; 2 Melbreak Drummer, Mrs. K. Glaister; 3 Cumberland FoxhoundsTrainer, J. Stobart.


Unentered Bitch — 1 Cumberland Farmers Cotton, L. Peters; 2 Cumberland Farmers Clover, L. Peters; 3 Cumberland Foxhounds Treasure, J. Stobart.


Couple — 1 Blencathra, B. Todhunter; 2 Eskdale and Ennerdale, J. Hinde; 3 Cumberland Farmers,
L. Peters.


Champion — Blencathra Sergeant

           Reserve — Eskdale and Ennerdale


LORTON SHOW [July 23rd]

                    a few pictures courtesy of D Elliott          









The Blencathra Foxhounds are one of a number of fell packs associated to (but not members of ) the Masters of Foxhounds Association. They are one of six Fell packs in Cumbria
Because of the terrain, mounted hunting is not feasible in the Lake District. Lakeland foxhounds are lighter and more agile than hounds bred by mounted packs and they are bred to cope with difficult terrain. During the summer closed season, hounds from all fell packs are shown in competition at annual Lakeland shows including Rydal, Lowther and the Threlkeld Puppy Show.

This year the Blencathra Fellhounds will be on display at their kennels within The Foxhound enclosure.







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Great Yorkshire Show 2016


Click on picture for Gallery



Lowther Show 2016 [Aug ]


Click on Picture above for Lowther Fell Hound Show gallery


Click here for Lowther Show web site

Click on Picture below for Lowther Show gallery from Saturday & Sunday




Rydal Show 2016 [Aug 11th]





Click here for all the Rydal Results

Click on Picture for the Rydal 2016 Fell Foxhounds Gallery



Click on picture for Gallery of Sheepdog Trials,

Beagles, Harriers & Coniston Hounds




Click on picture for Gallery of Fell Foxhounds



THRELKELD SHOW 2016 [Aug 17th]

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                       Open Foxhound Show                       Puppy Show



1st 2nd 3rd 4th Best walked
Entered Dogs Saddler Sergeant Sailor Matchem  
Entered Bitches Music Memory Misty Solo  


Champion Entered Hound 2016:




  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Best Walked
Unentered Dogs & Bitches
Raider Relish Rochdale Ranger Ruler


Champion Unentered Hound 2016:






Threlkeld Show 2016



1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Group Eskdale & Ennerdale Cumberland Eskdale & Ennerdale  
Best Couples Eskdale & Ennerdale Blencathra Melbreak  
Entered Dogs Saddler [Blencathra] Marksman [E&E] Warlock [Cumberland] Sergeant]
Entered Bitches Duchess [E&E] Memory [Blencathra] Welcome [E&E] Dainty [Border]
Unentered Dogs Cragsman [E&E] Tramper [E&E] Raider [Blencathra] Gambler [Ullswater]
Unentered Bitches Treasure [Cumberland] Charmer [E&E] Damsel [E&E] Dazzle [Coniston]


Champion hound 2016:


SADDLER [Blencathra]


Reserve :











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