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                                                News to Dec 2010



DICK'S 90th BIRTHDAY Celebrations

LUNCHEON PARTY [Borrowdale Hotel 26th Sep] & MEET [Fri 24th Sept]

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Westmorland County show -- 9th Sept

Success Again!! for Blencathra Music----CHAMPION FOXHOUND


including Blencathra Pre-Puppy show at Threlkeld cricket club

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July 8th------ "Hunt supporters offer compromise deal to try and overturn ban"

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July 1st ------ Click below to ‘rate’ the repeal of the Hunting Act and add your comments in support of repeal on the Deputy Prime Minister’s new Your Freedom site. You will have to register first and can then use this link to return to the right page
The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has launched ‘Your Freedom’ an opportunity for people to engage with the Government by suggesting laws and regulations that should be repealed. 

As a law which has absolutely eroded the liberty of those who hunt, which a Government Inquiry confirmed had no purpose and which has seen many ordinary law abiding citizens having to fight criminal charges the Hunting Act should be first law on the list for repeal.


Ron Black who maintains the Lakeland Hunting Memories website [] has recently sent me 2 articles relating to the Blencathra which he has turned up in the scotsman newspapres of 1920 & 1929

The first is of a hound a called Ruby ......

The second is titled:  “D’ye Ken John Peel.”Fox hunt Celebration of Centenary Cumberland’s Hero.


June 4th

An old leaflet, commissioned by the Hunts Association,has recently come to light written about the Blencathra Foxhounds ---- the author was D Neale .We believe that it was possibly written between 1948 -1951 as Major Douglas Neale wrote several other articles at this time regarding the history of hunting with hounds, but mainly in the county of Hertfordshire.

It is interesting to note the history of the pack & the accompanying pictures & adverts for the local hotels etc-

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Our heartfelt congratulations to both John Stevenson and Rory Stewart on their success in the recent Election 2010

Best wishes to both for their future in Parliament


John Stevenson

MP for Carlisle

Rory Stewart

MP for Penrith & The Border