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November 2007


From: Midge Todhunter - Hunting Journalist & Photographer

We invite you to become a regular reader of 'The Master's Voice', our new free hunting magazine, by registering using the link below:

  (NB: 'The Master's Voice' is delivered online monthly.)
Aims: to create a united network of hunting folk across Britain
who want something done about this ludicrous Hunting Act 2004;
to champion and help co-ordinate the work of Vote-OK; work in
tandem with Countryside Alliance, MFHA, AMHB and the
Council of Hunting Associations; remain stoic and positive with
our magazine content to bolster morale, and help secure the future
of hunting with hounds in Britain

Objectives: a repeal of the Hunting Act 2004, and a swift return to
hunting in its natural format; deliver a magazine worthy of the
banner: 'Seriously Focussed on Hunting'; emphasise the enormous
contribution hunting delivers to Britain's rural economy; widen
our network by highlighting the people and bonds between hunting
and other equestrian sports, so that all those voices may be called
upon for a united support on the future of hunting with hounds.

Why have we launched a hunting magazine directly in the face
of the hunting ban?
Because we believe two factors: 1) hunting will
always continue in some format; and 2) there will be a repeal
of the Hunting Act 2004 - if we keep the pressure up...

Please send us your hunting news, views and plans, and in return we will flag-up the positive attributes about our sport daily delivers.
 Good Hunting

Midge Todhunter
CEO -  &