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Latest News stories ----Nov/December 2009

Severe flooding has hit Cumbria,especially the valleys of Borrowdale,Newlands,St Johns, Thirlmere and Bassenthwaite in our area.

Our thoughts & wishes go out to all those landowners, farmers and local community [both in our area & farther afield]who have been affected by the flooding & its consequences.

Destroyed bridge Newlands valley

Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund

CLICK HERE If you wish to contribute to a fund for individuals and families and for voluntary groups who suffered in the flooding on 19 November.



St Johns

Newlands Beck



Latest News stories ----Oct/Nov 2009

" Auction of Promises " in Threlkeld Village Hall

Friday 23rd  October

The Auction was a great success!! raising £9000!!

A fantastic effort from ALL supporters Near & Far

Many thanks to Stan & Margery & the Threlkeld committee for organising & to Bruce the Auctioneer

All the items on display at the start of the Auction

The most expensive fruit cake                   The proud owner of the Crozier

                    in the world !                                                     Couplings

click here for more pictures



Click here to see some more pictures of Kristina & Gemma making a chocolate cake for the Auction of Promises


Great effort --thanks Girls


The Brass Couplings Inscribed "Crozier" made £300

This genuine item was given by Squire Crozier to Joe Bowman of The Ullswater

AGM @ Keswick Conservative Club [Oct]

GUEST SPEAKER: Mr Steve Clarke

North of England Regional Director: Countryside Alliance

being thanked by Michael Thompson, Master.


Latest News stories ----July/August 2009



Friday 10th July

Terrier and Stick Show  @ Threlkeld Cricket Club

click here for picture gallery from show

                           Pictures thanks to D Elliot



Sunday 9th August

Westward Dog Day

Following the cancellation of the Lowther Show 2009, the Westward Dog Day has been organised on the same date. The day includes separate hound shows for foxhounds and beagles, a working terrier show, a lurcher show, a gundog scurry & test, a ferret show & racing, a family fun dog show and a children's pet show. The show supports the Great North Air Ambulance and the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity.

Click here for a gallery from the show

Pictures thanks to D Elliot


Thursday 13th August

Rydal Show

click here for a gallery from the show-

Pictures thanks to D Elliot

The show now has its own web site :



Wednesday 19th August

Blencathra Puppy Show

click here for hound galleries & results

click here for sheepdogs,sports & sticks gallery



Lorton Show ---July 09

Champion Hound: Blencathra Melody [ D Ewart] ......Reserve Blencathra Scarlet [B Todhunter]


Pictures D Elliot


Latest News stories ----June/July2009

Click here for the latest [June issue] of The Masters Voice

Follow the link below to register your vote for hunting

[and tell your friends about the poll]


Latest News stories ----May 15th 2009

The Times

Death knell for hunting ban as police abandon monitoring operations

The Mail

Hunting ban collapses as police abandon monitoring operations

The Telegraph

Police 'to stop monitoring fox hunts and focus on priority crimes'


Latest News stories----Feb 2009 [courtesy of Countryside Alliance]
Tony WrightThe High Court has today ruled for Tony Wright, the first huntsman to be prosecuted under the Hunting Act, rejecting an appeal by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) against the judgment in his acquittal. The ruling will make the prosecution of many Hunting Act offences much more difficult.

Tony Wright was originally prosecuted for an alleged offence which occurred a few weeks after the Hunting Act came into force in February 2005. He was found guilty in the Magistrates Court, but his conviction was subsequently overturned in Exeter Crown Court. The CPS appealed that judgment arguing that it should have been for Mr Wright to prove that he was hunting legally, and that ‘hunting a mammal’ includes ‘searching’ for it. The High Court today rejected that appeal.

Tony Wright said: “This prosecution has now dragged on for over three years and during that time I have been living under the threat of a criminal conviction. If this judgment, though, makes it less likely that other people will face the sort of vindictive prosecution that I have been through then it has all been worth it.”

Simon Hart, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: “Even before today’s judgment only five people connected to hunts have been convicted of any offence since the Act came into force. The CPS argued in court that if it lost this appeal ‘prosecutions under the 2004 Act would rarely be viable’ so there should now be even fewer prosecutions. The Hunting Act is an increasingly pointless piece of legislation that offered little and has achieved less. Politicians of all parties are coming to realise that it has failed and it is now a question of when, not if, the Hunting Act is repealed.”

Read more here

The Future of Hunting is Repeal

Make sure you click here to sign up to support the repeal of the Hunting Act

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News: 5th Dec 2007 -- response from the Prime Minister's office concerning the petition "to repeal the Hunting Act 2004"to which there were 43,852 signatures.

To view the Government's response click here

A clear, concise and powerful argument for the repeal of the Hunting Act is detailed in the “Case for Repeal”, a new document by the Countryside Alliance setting out why the Act is flawed and why it believes repeal is inevitable. Download a copy of "Case for Repeal" here

Last year a BBC Radio 4 programme held a vote asking which law people wanted repealed. The result was as follows:

The Hunting Act with 52.8%

Dangerous Dogs Act: 1.6%
Serious Organised Crime and Police Act : 6.2%
Human Rights Act: 6.1%
European Communities Act : 29.7%
The Act of Settlement: 3.6%



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