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                                     News 2016/17 Season


These galleries are the most up to date in the fixture calendar

[Thanks to Darren Elliott,Dan Atkinson & Fell family for assistance with pictures]


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March Meets

Johnny's Memorial Meet

February Meets

Carrock: New Year Meet 2017




   A 2nd YORKSHIRE Gallery ---- Click on any picture for GALLERY [2]



YORKSHIRE Click on pictures below for GALLERY [1]



Gill would like to thank all those who sold ducks and assisted with organising the races - setting off all the ducks and more importantly collecting them all at the finish line

Heat 1
Heat 2
Bill Mattinson 339 Btl Wine Dick Peel 754 Btl Wine 1 George Reep 624                        £50
Violet Warwick 53 Kellie c/o Chiggy 410 2 Christine Weightman 532           £20
Jose Sequeira 130 Christine Weightman 532 3 Frances & Fiona Bruce 627        £10
Joe Bell 99 Frances & Fiona 627 4 Ian Clark 1                                   £10
Bill Parrish 35 J Peel [Bob Fell] 702 5 Joyce Swainbank 134                 £10
Ian [Gill Mawson] 1 George Reep [Gill M] 624 6 Violet Warwick 53                      Chocs
Joyce Swainbank 134 Marnie c/o Chiggy 412 7 Dick Peel 754                              Chocs
H Robinson 290 Jonathan Hope 742  
Bill Mattinson 336 Lynn Askins [Nicola] 423 21 Jonathan Hope 741               Booby Prize
Tommy Baxter 333 Jonathan Hope 741  
Bill Parrish 31    

DUCK RACE : GALLERY --click on picture[s]for Gallery

                                                                                                                                         Thanks to J Fell for pictures



14 Cars  & approx 50 folk got lost sorry took part in our first ever treasure hunt last Sunday [April 30th]

.....But ALL managed to find Denton House at the end of the afternoon!!


1 Neil,Ros &Sarah Richardson -67pts

2 Denis,Ann& Margaret Armstrong -66pts

3 Jamie Brownrigg,Rob Little,Steve Taylor & 6 little ones - 64&1/2 pts

4= Jayne Strong - 63pts

4= Alison Ostle - 63pts

6 Claire Little - 60&1/2pts

7 Nigel Williams - 59pts

8 Sarah Stobart - 58pts

9 Alan Armstrong - 57pts

10 David Bell - 55&1/2pts

11 Barry Todhunter - 50&1/2 pts

12 JoAnne Fell - 45&1/2pts

13 Doreen Bell - 42&1/2 pts

14 & booby prize - Annie Binny - 30pts

                   Thanks to Mary & Mike Pattinson for the organisation,route & clues

                 and to Alan & Susan at Denton House for the afternoon refreshments


Mike checking out the results

The Winning Richardsons team




Samson winning at Lorton Show [May 2017]


Check out the Diary Page for the next Show dates or

the Shows Page for galleries and results






The North Lakes Tractor Run attracted 60 tractors last weekend {April}


They enjoyed some great weather & a superb route


Many thanks to all who supported the event and especially to those who travelled from neighbouring counties


Click on any picture for the gallery



Great News!! Diane with Ollie [Millbelle Young Gun] won both its class and then also got the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate!!

 Also Liz Vocking with Billy [Portunes Green Day & Ollie's son] won its class



                              Liz with Billy                                                                          Diane with Ollie





The Judge -- Mr Robert Sansom delivers the Good News






Liz & Billy


                                   A Grand day Out......Picture from a recent meet [Jan 2017]







A picture sent in for Barry by one of  our Supporters

Can Barry remember [1987]:

the location [Fisher Place].... and

name of the girl [Haylee Evans]practising horn blowing


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