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Johnny's Hunt - Coffee Morning

                                                                                                                 Thanks to D Elliott for several pictures

February Days

Yew Tree Coffee Morning

Mosedale End Coffee Morning

                                                                                                                     Thanks to T Fell for several pictures

Midtown Coffee Morning


Boxing Day


Keswick Square; Cottage Hospital and Pheasant Inn

                                                                                                                                   Thanks to D Elliott for several pictures


Here's another picture for you to:

1 Name those folk [we have now had several names put forward

and it is now thought-

A: B Todhunter;D Bell;R Bellas ;K Stuart

2 Name the crag

A : Gate Crag

3Guess the year --is it 1980/81 or 82??

A : Season 81/82




Hunting Act is a failed law that must be repealed, says hunting community

Tim Bonner Countryside Alliance [Feb 17th 2015]

The Hunting Act 2004 came into law on 18 February 2005, but ten years on the hunting community is still just as keen to see this illogical, badly drafted and unfair law consigned to history. In 2015 practically every one of the 300 plus hunts that were operating when the ban was passed is still going strong, thanks to the determination of the hunting community – but continuing like this is not an option.

Tim Bonner, director of campaigns at the Countryside Alliance, said: “The law has proved just as unworkable, pointless and wasteful as we predicted. A law which was passed because of MPs’ obsession with fox hunting has been used almost exclusively to prosecute poachers – 97% of cases brought under the Act do not involve registered hunts.

“The Hunting Act does not even work from the fox’s point of view. Anti-hunt groups spent around £30 million to put the Hunting Act on the Statute Book– since then they have not spent a penny to show the impact it has had on animal welfare. This is because there has been no improvement in welfare – just as many foxes are being killed as were before the ban.

“The Hunting Act has nothing to do with animal welfare and everything to do with class politics and prejudice which is why the law is completely unworkable.

“Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money and thousands of hours of police time continue to be wasted on spurious allegations under the Hunting Act. We call on the next Government to ensure that the ban is repealed. This issue will never be resolved until we have legislation based on evidence and principle, rather than prejudice and political point scoring.”





• There are over 300 registered hunts in England and Wales. Together they have carried out more than 150,000 days hunting since the Act came into force on 18 February 2005.
• There have been 30 completed cases under the Hunting Act involving hunts registered with the Council of Hunting Associations (up to January 2015).
• Of those 30 cases just 13 led to a conviction – just over one case for every year of the Hunting Act.



A Great Picture from 1978!!

3 Questions:

1 Q Where was the picture taken?

A On the old A66 road between Storms and Burns Farm

2 Q Where is Miss Blencathra 1978 Lynne Sexton Now??

A No answer as yet....

3 Q Was Miss Blencathra chosen at the Rookin Farm Hunt Ball?












Some of the pups for next seasons entry enjoying the snow

January 2015


Do you have a pre-1936 "greyhound" fox mask?

Author and hunting historian Ron Black writes: The evolution of the fox within Great Britain remains largely unresolved. One thing, however, is for certain and that it that there was a type known to huntsmen and hunt followers as “greyhound” foxes. Fewer in number than the little red rover we hold so dear today, the greyhounds were bigger and had a good knowledge of a larger territory than today’s foxes.

Now, in an effort to shed light on these foxes, Dr Robin G Allaby, Associate Professor at Warwick University and I are trying to locate “greyhounds” using DNA. If you have a mask or entire specimen pre 1936 and are willing to donate 6 to 8 hairs would you please contact me at cumbrian-lad@hotmail.co.uk.
Almost without fear these greyhound foxes were known to turn and fight when pursuit was closing in. There are no documented or recognised specimens known.
The importation of “foreign” foxes and a rise in their numbers aided by keeper problems at the time of WW1 sounded the death knell for the greyhound fox and by about 1934 they were gone, leaving only numerous hunt reports to mark their passing. For certain they bred with the” newcomers” but the “pure” strain died out.
Further information regarding “greyhound” foxes can be found on lakelandhuntingmemories.com


                                                                      DUCK RACE 2014





970 ducks took part this year



1st over the line was:Duck 379 owned by Robert Hodgson who won £50 as 1st Prize & which was kindly donated back into Hunt Supporter funds


2nd was 1019 owned by Brian Wells [£20]


3rd was 463 owned by Oliver Reed [£10]





4th was 486 owned by Chris Braithwaite [£10]


5th was 955 owned by Gill Mawson [£10]


A small prize was given to the last duck over the line ---- Duck 756 owned by Jack Ewart


Gill wishes to express her thanks to the Fell family for use of the field and access to the river and to all those folk who have helped in any way with the event --selling the ducks; counting the ducks and setting up the course......



I wish to confirm that with immediate effect Mr Larry Slattery has been unanimously appointed Joint Master of The Blencathra Foxhounds , following a general committee meeting last night -17th April. (This appointment will obviously need to be ratified at our AGM in October).

I am absolutely thrilled that Larry has agreed to join me in the Mastership, with our friendship now spanning 45 years. I believe that the timing is right and I look forward to working extremely closely with Larry , solely for the benefit of the continuing well-being of The Blencathra.

Larry A. Slattery was born in Waterford, Ireland the 2nd of 4 children. 
His Father was a Farmer & Cattle Dealer and his Mother’s family were Horse Dealers.
Educated at Waterpark College and Shannon School of Hotel Management.
Larry came to Keswick 45 years ago to take up an appointment as Under Manager at The Royal Oak Hotel , following the completion of a 12 month contract in Frankfurt, Germany.

From there he went to The Kings Arms Hotel where he met his wife Judy and where they brought up their young family, Andrew, Liam, Patrick (deceased) and Elizabeth.
The family later moved to The White Horse Inn at Scales, Threlkeld for 13 wonderful years , followed by a stint of Management at The Greenhill Hotel, Wigton.
For the last 10 years Larry has been General Manager at The Shepherds Inn and Auctioneer in Carlisle. Sadly Judy died 2 years ago after a lengthy illness.

Larry’s interests are very much his family, including 5 grandchildren , Hunting , Rugby Union and National Hunt Racing. He has previously been closely associated with The Blencathra, having served on The General Committee, been a Hound Walker, having established The Terrier Show and he was influential in establishing the original Hunt Supporters Group. Larry’s daughter Lizzie is married to Stephen Blamire , currently in his first season as Master and Huntsman of The Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds.

I’m sure you will join me in wishing Larry well in this new appointment and I know that you will give him every encouragement and support as he settles into his new role and I think I can promise you that you will enjoy his company.
 Michael Thompson[Master]








Threlkeld Sports Pavilion [Click on picture for gallery]







Barry and Sue would like to thank everyone for the cards,gifts,donations and good wishes and to all those who organised and attended such a wonderful testimonial afternoon. People's kindness and generosity was quite overwhelming Thankyou Barry & Sue Todhunter




It is now 40 years since Barry joined The Blencathra , with the last 25 as our Huntsman.



I believe that Barry has served The Blencathra with loyalty and professionalism during this time.



It is fitting and appropriate that we have opened a testimonial fund for Barry , which will run through until the end of April 2014.



I would like to think that you feel that Barry has earned this recognition during this period which has included:- a near fatal accident whilst on a lamb worrying call out , picking up the baton from the legendary Johnny Richardson – a tough act to follow ( just ask David Moyes !) and finally the pressures brought about since the implementation of The Hunting Act.


If you would like to make a donation please forward your cheque marked “Blencathra Foxhounds (BT Fund)” to our Treasurer Mr Alan Graham, 17, Brandlehow Crescent,Keswick,CA12 4JE.

Barry has committed his life to fell hunting and your support in recognising this tremendous achievement will be really appreciated and the attached article [click on picture above or here] which appeared recently in Hounds Magazine will give you a flavour of Barry Todhunter the man and our Huntsman.

Thank you.

       Michael Thompson

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A clear, concise and powerful argument for the repeal of theHunting Act is detailed in the “Case for Repeal”, a document by the Countryside Alliance setting out why the Act is flawed and why it believes repeal is inevitable. Download a copy of "Case for Repeal" here

The Future of Hunting is Repeal

Make sure you click here to sign up to support the repeal of the Hunting Act


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