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                                 Recent Meets : 2018/19 Season

**Please speak to a committee member or use the telephone tree for further news re fixtures**

Please obtain a fixture card from your local committee member or contact an official via

the contacts page

Check the accommodation links so you can plan your visits for the season!

***To view this seasons galleries scroll down the page..and click on the pictures*** [Thanks to Darren Elliott,Dan Atkinson,JoAnne & Kristina Fell for assistance with pictures]


Yorkshire 2019

Feb and March Meets [2]

Feb and March Meets [1]

Scales Coffee Morning


Mosedale End Coffee Morning

Coffee Mornings Jan & Feb

January Meets

Near Howe Coffee Morning

New Years Day

December Meets

Causeway Foot Coffee Morning

High Side Coffee Morning

Boxing Day

Oddfellows Coffee Morning

November Meets

Swinside Inn 2018

Farmers Arms 2018

October Meets

International Masters Meet





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