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                                       Recent Meets : 2015/16 Season



***Please speak to a committee member or use the telephone tree for further news re fixtures. ***

Please obtain a fixture card from your local committee member or contact an official via the contacts page

Check the accommodation links so you can plan your visits for the season!

***To view this seasons galleries scroll down the page..and click on the pictures*** [Thanks to Darren Elliott,Dan Atkinson & Alex Lake for assistance with pictures]


Johnny's Memorial Hunt --Last meet of 15/16 Season




March Days 2016








February Days 2016

Mosedale End Coffee Morning



January Days 2016




New Years Day 2016


Boxing Day Keswick

Caldbeck Week

December Days

October Meets

MILL INN -Coffee Morning


White Horse Meet




Opening Meet Horse & Farrier


Beckthorns Coffee Morning




Threlkeld Cricket Club




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