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Meets for the 08/09 Season

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Kennels week March 10-14th


Feb 26th : Bye Day

March 4th & 6th meets cancelled : bad weather

Mar 7th: Littletown Farm


Feb 21st : Mill Inn

Feb 24th : Fornside

No gallery-meet cancelled due to weather conditions

Feb 17th:Mosedale End

Feb 19th : Haltcliffe Common

Jan 31st :Mid Farm

Feb 3rd; 5th; 7th; 10th meets all cancelled due to weather conditions

Jan 27th : Snooty Fox

Jan 29th : Fellside

Jan 17th : Kennels

Jan 24th : Millbeck

[20th & 22nd meets cancelled -bad weather]

Jan 13th : Rigghead

Jan 15th : High Row

No gallery --too wet & windy

Jan 3rd : Near Howe

Jan 10th : High Side

Dec 30th : Southerfell Hall

[Courtesy of D Elliot]

New Years Day 09

Dec 26th : Keswick

Dec 27th : Causeway Foot

[Courtesy of D Elliot]

Dec 20th : Oddfellows Arms

Dec 23rd : Twa Dogs

Dec 16th : Fellside

Dec 18th : Orthwaite Hall

Dec 11th : Bye Day

[Dec 13th : Borrowdale Hotel cancelled -bad weather]

Dec 9th : Bye Day

Nov 29th : Derwent Lodge

Dec 6th: Rigg
[Alternative venue due to ice & snow]
Dec 1st : Shepherds Meet, Horse & Farrier -cancelled ice & snow
Dec 4th : Wallthwaite - cancelled ice & snow

Nov 20th : Millbeck

Nov 25th: Bye Day

[Nov 27th Bye Day cancelled -bad weather]

Nov 15th : Old Crown

Nov 18th : West Head

Nov 11th Fellside

[v wet & windy --folk turned up but hounds kept in trailer]

Nov 13th Fellside

Nov 7th Littletown

Nov 8th Littletown

[V poor weather -- hounds taken in early]

Nov 1st White Horse

Nov 4th Birk Rigg

Oct 28th Orthwaite Hall

Oct 30th Baggra Yeat

Oct 18th Mill Inn Mungrisdale

Oct 21st : Barkbeth

[Oct 23rd & 25th -cancelled due to bad weather]

 Oct 6th:Wanthwaite

    Oct 8th:Opening Meet

[Oct 10th cancelled due to bad weather]